Shorts For Thick Girls – Styling Tips And Ideas

Shorts For Thick Girls – Styling Tips And Ideas: Everyone loves wearing shorts. They are stylish, chic, and comfortable. But when it comes to thick and chubby girls there are a lot of styling limitations. You have to hide that fat and still be in style.

Although this doesn’t mean you should stop wearing what you love. With a little manipulation, you can wear shorts and look sleek.

We have made this styling guide for all the thick girls out there who love wearing shorts. These styling tips and ideas will avoid all the fashion blunder. 

There are a few things that should be kept in mind before buying shorts if you are thick.

  • The perfect length of your shorts matters
  • Little extended shorts are a win-win
  • Flared shorts are the best option
  • Avoid showing your stomach if you do not have a flat belly
  • You can go for crop tops if you have a flat belly
  • Tucked in shirt or top can instantly enhance your look
  • Use slim belts
  • Do not accessorize much


Choosing the right shorts for thick girls

Here are some of the varieties of shorts that will be suitable for thick girls.

1.Belted Shorts

Belted shorts are the chicest option. Be it for a lean woman or a fat woman. They can be styled in multiple ways. Belted shorts are a savior when it comes to women with thick thighs.

Go for light pastels and avoid patterns. Bright colors will make your thighs look thick. You do not need to go all bland. You can team up your shorts with colorful tops.

It is recommended to not go for belts that are too decorative. Clean belts should be your preference. So get your hands on a classy belted shorts and rock that house party.

2.Dark Coloured Shorts

We already mentioned above that vibrant colors are not for thick girls. Bright colored shorts can make your fat even more prominent. 

If you want to avoid this and still look stylish, go for dark colors. You can choose from a variety of dark color options. It can range from black to dark brown to olive green and many more.

Buy dark-colored shorts and hide your fat dashingly. Although these colors are gloomy they’ll get you a lot of praises. You can club these shorts with light-colored tops and rock like a diva.

3.A-Line Shorts

Next up are the A-line shorts. A-line shorts are the best for big thighs. They may be out of fashion for girls who are slim. But they will always be trendy for thick girls.

The flare on both sides of A-line shorts hides the fat in a very stylish way. You can see the visible difference when you wear them.

Keep in mind to go for shorts that have a long-flared design. You can style them up with different tops. Make sure to tuck them in, it adds to the look. You can also go for a crop top layered with a chic jacket.


4.Baggy Shorts

Baggy shorts are the most trendy these days. Even if you are thick or thin, baggy shorts or jeans will look great on you. Although for the thick girls it has come up as a style savior.

Oversized clothing is the most suitable for thick girls. Oversized clothing is becoming popular as “boyfriend clothes”. Be it boyfriend jeans or boyfriend tees. Fun fact: you can even convert your boyfriend jeans into baggy shorts.

Go for dark or light tones. Avoid buying patterns because that will make your fat visible. Style your favorite baggy shorts with a top or an oversized tee.

5.High Waisted Shorts

High waisted shorts are the best when it comes to giving a sleek look. It not only hides the fat but also fixes your height. High waisted works for both thick and short girls.

They work great for thick girls as they are tight on the waist. This automatically makes your lower body look thin. Moreover, you can really go for colors with this type.

Club these high waisted shorts with tees or tops. Tucking it in will make your appearance leaner. Avoid wearing high waisted shorts with crop tops.

6.Shorts Bermuda

These types of shorts are for little hippie kind of souls. If you are a thick girl with a hippie soul then Bermuda shorts are for you. They will hide the fat and will give you a sleek look.

Buying Bermuda shorts can be a little tricky. You have to choose the right and perfect length. Go for a little longer length than regular shorts. But avoid the shorts of a length of three-quarter pants. Now you know why it is tricky.

Now that you got your pair of Bermuda shorts. Team them up with your favorite rock band’s t-shirt. You can also go for styling them up with tank tops. 

7.Pleated Skirt Shorts

Pleated skirt shorts are for fashion enthusiasts who are chubby. You cannot go wrong with them. Moreover, there are no color restrictions.

The flared part of pleated skirt shorts avoids the fat from being highlighted. You can style them up in different ways and show off the diva in you.

Style them up with simple shirts or tops. Do not go for ornamental tops with pleated skirt shorts. Tucking your top or shirt will give a sleeker look. Add a thin belt to rock the party. 


Being chubby and fat shouldn’t stop you from dressing up. With a few modifications and styling tips, you can really look sleek and flattering.

We have come up with these styling ideas and tips for girls with thick thighs. This styling guide will help you get a perfect pair of shorts for yourself. 

Choose wisely, style it and flatter everyone. And ” you should know that you are beautiful, just the way you are”

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