Best Root Lifters For Fine Hair – Review 2021

Did you ever get jealous of a friend who has naturally thick hair? If yes, then you are not alone. We know that flat and fine hair is the worst. They cannot be styled, they need regular shampoo and so on. 

You can also get the volume and thickness you desire with the use of root lifters. Root lifters are a savior for people who have suffered due to flat hairs. Therefore, we reviewed some of the best root lifters for fine hair. 

The root lifters in the list are recommended by professional stylists. They will give you flaunt-worthy voluminous hair. The shine and smoothness will be an add-on.


Best root lifters for fine hair reviewed

Our top choices for the best root lifters for fine hair are given in the next section.

1-Powder play root volumizer

Best Root Lifters For Fine Hair - Review

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The first on our list is this powder play root volumizer. This root volumizer is worth mentioning because it is even suitable for baby fine hair.

Powder play will lift your hair from the roots and make your hair look voluminous. You will love the texture this root lifter gives.

For best results, you can either sprinkle it on your hair or mix it with oil or styling cream. You will not face the issue of dryness if you use it with styling cream or oil.

Moreover, this is not at all greasy and stays longer. Even a small amount will be sufficient to give you voluminous hair. So get your hands on this root lifter and enjoy the volume it provides.

Big Crème to Powder Play All Over Volumizer and Texturizer, 3.4 Oz | Up to 100% More Volume | Crème to Powder Formula | All Hair Types-And Black Steel Comb
  • All Over Volumizer & Texturizer
  • Unique transformative Crème-2-Powder formula. 5 Hold, 0 Shine
  • Rub a small amount between hands and apply from roots to ends for texture and volume.


2-Thermafuse volumizing hair styling foam

Thermafuse volumizing hair styling foam

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Are you a sucker for natural products? This root lifter from Thermafuse will come to your rescue. This sulfate-free root lifter will give you bouncy hair in no time.

Thermafuse is a good smelling root volumizer in the form of mousse foam. It will give you bouncy and shiny hair that will stay for long. 

Additionally, vitamins and proteins are used as the base material. These ingredients will strengthen your hair. This, in turn, will make your hair look healthy and shiny.

What makes it worthy of the consumer’s trust is its multi-purpose nature. Not only does it make your hair bouncy and shiny but it also conditions your hair. This makes the detangling process easy.

You will not regret one bit in spending money on this great product.

Thermafuse Eight Elixir Miracle Fix 12oz
  • Hundred Percent All Natural Clarifier; Removes Any Residue Leaving The Hair In Clean Even Pure And Optimum Condition; Ready For Any Chemical Processing
  • Waterless Shampoo; Removes Topical Build Up; Water Soluble Stylers And Soap Film; Eliminates Chemical Odors; Balances And Eliminates Oily Scalp While It Detoxifies And Purifies The Hair Leaving A Light Kiwi Scent
  • Treats Oily Scalp; Balances And Eliminates Oily Scalp; Excess Oil On The Scalp Can Cause Skin Cells To Build Up And Then Shed In The Form Of Dandruff; Using This Treatment Can Prevent Itchy And Irritated Skin On The Scalp
  • Volumizer; Creates Volume For Fine Thinning Hair By Removing Build Up On The Hair And Scalp
  • Removes Organic Stains; Try Using It On Fabric Or Carpeting To Remove Tough Stains And Odors Such As Wine Even Blood And Grape Juice As Well As Chocolate Or On Your Pooch For The Ultimate Grooming

3- CHI Volume Booster Liquid Bodifying Glaze

CHI Volume Booster Liquid Bodifying Glaze

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Next up in the list is this root lifter from CHI. This is one perfect product that will give body to your hair. The company claims that the CHI volume booster will even lift baby fine hair.

The ingredients used are very well chosen. CHI will give your hair the natural thickness and bounce. It will also leave your hair shiny and smooth.

Unlike many root lifters available CHI won’t damage your hair. It feels light and is not at all greasy. On top of it, CHI has a pleasant smell.

Since this is a root booster it is suggested to apply only on the roots. Some users say that a little extra amount can cause dryness. All in all, you will love this product after you use it.

CHI Volume Booster 8oz 2pk, 16oz
  • Product Type:Beauty
  • Item Package Dimension:2.0 " L X3.5 " W X8.0 " H X
  • Item Package Weight:1.2 lbs
  • Country Of Origin: United States

4- Boldify Root lifting powder

Boldify Root lifting powder

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This Boldify root lifting powder is an instant favorite of anyone who applies it. It will give an instant bounce and shine to your hair.

What is extremely genius about this product is that it removes dirt and grease. This, in turn, makes your hair look fresh and fine without washing them.

Moreover, it stays for longer than usual. So you do not need to reapply it frequently. It won’t cause damage to your hair.

This easy-to-use root lifter will give you thick and voluminous hair in no time. The texture it renders makes it the best. Additionally, it makes your hair smooth making detangling easy.

Hair Fiber (Medium Brown) + Hairline Powder (Medium Brown): Boldify Build & Conceal Bundle - Undetectable Hair Thickener for Fine Hair, Instant Stain-Proof Root Touchup Powder, For Men & Women
  • Instant Coverage, 48 Hour Guarantee - Locks on Until You Shampoo: BOLDIFY 48 HOUR hair powder works like hair root dye - locking tightly to your follicles weight-free for that full-bodied, knock-out look that stays put until your next shampoo. TRULYours glides on smoothly, providing full coverage - without the fake, gunky, sticky feel.
  • Clump-Proof Fibers for a Real Hair Effect & Undetectable Finish: Boldify Hair Thickening Fibers instantly cover bald spots, thinning, and patchiness across your temples, part, crown, and sides. Our advanced hair powder fibers boast follicle-mimicking molecules that allow seamless blending and a real-hair finish you’d swear was nothing but natural.
  • Superior Products Made Better: Our all-natural, 100% Cruelty-Free Hair Building Fibers are made under strict quality standards in our ISO 9001 facility. We responsibly and sustainably source only the finest ingredients to create a superior, yet affordable, product that works far better than other overpriced keratin fibers!
  • Industry-Leading Satisfaction Guarantee & Color Match Guarantee: If the color’s not quite right, simply let us know...our dedicated in-house Customer Care Team will use your feedback to help find your perfect match, and get it to you as quickly as possible at no additional cost! If for any reason you don’t absolutely love Boldify, send us an email and we’ll issue a full refund of the purchase price - no questions asked.

5- Mark Anthony instant hair thickening cream

Mark Anthony instant hair thickening cream

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Mark Anthony is a sulfate free root lifter. It will give you voluminous and shiny hair instantly. This easy-to-use root lifter lasts for up to 24 hours.

The unique combination of ingredients made us include Mark Anthony in our list. It is made up of soy protein, hydrolyzed wheat protein and corn. This gives ultimate shine to your hair. 

Moreover, it is extremely light on your hair. You will love its smell. This non-greasy root lifter works even on baby fine hair. You will get the volume you’ve always wanted after using this.

Additionally, it is moderately priced. So you don’t have to think twice before buying this. Some users claim that it makes hair unmanageable. But the right amount won’t trouble you much.

Big Crème to Powder Play All Over Volumizer and Texturizer, 3.4 Oz | Up to 100% More Volume | Crème to Powder Formula | All Hair Types-And Black Steel Comb
  • All Over Volumizer & Texturizer
  • Unique transformative Crème-2-Powder formula. 5 Hold, 0 Shine
  • Rub a small amount between hands and apply from roots to ends for texture and volume.

6-Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Body 

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Body 

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This hair spray from living proof will let you get rid of that flat and fine hair instantly.

You will get the body and thickness that you desire immediately.

Unlike inferior quality hairsprays, you won’t face the issue of static hairs after using this. The nozzle designed bottle makes it easy-to-use. The nozzle evenly distributes the contents of the bottle.

Moreover, if you hate chemical-based products then this is a great option. Living Proof is paraben-free, phthalate-free.

Additionally, it doesn’t damage color-treated hair. The heat protection it provides makes it worth the mention. So spray this and style your hair without any tension.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Styling Bundle
  • Makes hair look, feel, and smell clean
  • Absorbs oil, sweat, and odor
  • Heat protection up to 450℉ / 230°C
  • Smoothness for up to 48 hours
  • Helps hair stay cleaner, longer, so you can heat style less often

7-Wow Raise The Root Lift Spray

Wow Raise The Root Lift Spray

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We cannot stop praising this hair spray from Wow and so won’t you. Apply it on either dry or damp hair and get an instant lift.

Wow Raise gives volume to your beautiful locks. Additionally, it provides UV-protection. So you can step out in the sunlight without worrying.

Moreover, it is specially formulated to preserve hair colour. If you have colour treated hair you can use Wow without hesitation.

Wow will last long and give desired volume and shine to your hair. Enjoy the super bouncy hair. Although it works for both dry and damp hair. Some users said that on dry hair it doesn’t last long.

Anti-Humidity Spray - Leave-in Product - Heat Activated Treatment for Static Control - Straight, Wavy, Curly, Frizzy, Dry & Damaged Hair PETA Approved Vegan & Cruelty Free 5.91FlOz
  • How does it work: An anti-humidity shield that controls hair that wants to misbehave in humid conditions. The innovative complex acts as an invisible umbrella for your hair, fortified with smoothing and sealing compounds that protect hair from unwanted moisture, leaving behind a weightless salon shine.
  • Lightweight Formula: A fine and gentle solution with amazing results, the Bold Uniq Scientists have worked hard to ensure this formula can pack a punch without the greasy, heavy effects of traditional protectant sprays.
  • For all hair types: From poker straight to tight and curly, SOS Humidity Spray protects your style from the deflating effects of humidity, keeping your hair looking fresh and perfected all day long.
  • Long Lasting Effects: Leave your unruly, frizzy hair in the past. Once the heat sealing technology is locked into the hair, it continues to work its magic for the next 3-4 washes.
  • Environmentally Responsible Beauty: The SOS Humidity spray has been created to keep your hair looking fabulous, and help you to make sustainable beauty choices! We’re proud to be Paraben and Sulfate free. PETA approved cruelty-free and 100% vegan. And that's not all our bottles and jars are made of plastic reclaimed from the world’s oceans. Committed to healthy hair and a healthy environment.



Having fine hair is quite a pain. You cannot style them, you cannot try different hairstyles and so on. There is a struggle but with some products, you can actually get some volume.

Therefore, we have curated this list of the best root lifters for fine hair. The products mentioned are recommended by stylists. They will surely help you in fixing your fine hair. Get hands-on one of these and style your hair for a party look.

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