Popular Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

30+ Popular Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Lately, tattoos are becoming a thing of fashion. They are in vogue and everyone wants to have one customized tattoo on them. Lately, half sleeve tattoo is in vogue. Women are leading in making tattoos their fashion statement. But what bothers them is the design and also where to get it done.

We have hence compiled a list of some of the best half sleeve tattoo ideas for females. Since half sleeve tattoos are bolder women tend to like them more. Men although prefer a full sleeve tattoo. You can anyway use these designs and get them inked on your preferred body part.

Most Popular Female Half Sleeve Tattoos

Here goes the list of some of the best female half sleeve tattoos:


We all know women love flowers. So why not get them permanently inked. This design is full of roses and will instantly enhance your look.


2.Floral watch

Floral but a bit more aesthetic, this tattoo is for women who live a hippie life but their souls are full of feminine energies. Get it in your upper half sleeve.


3.Sunflower Life

Another floral tattoo in the list. Get this one if you are a country girl and love roads lined by sunflower farms.


4.Dream Catcher Tattoo

Dream catchers are not only edgy but also they look very feminine. Get a black or colourful one either on your upper or lower sleeve.


5.Floral but Colorful

We are already talking a lot about floral tattoos. Get colourful flowers as they are in vogue and have an oomph factor.



If you are not someone who is too girly but loves freedom then this is for you. You can get a feather tattoo in black or colour.



The most basic yet the most popular are the tattoos that have names. You can go for a tattoo with your favourite word, your lover’s name or your name.

8. Love is Red

When thinking about a colour that has the most feminine energy, red tops. Get red lips or a heart if you are thinking about getting inked.


9.Butterfly All Over

If you are a delicate female and love celebrating it then butterfly as tattoos is the best. Get coloured or black butterflies on your upper arm.


10.Watercolor tattoo

This tattoo looks like watercolours spilt on your skin. If you are an artist or painter and colours are your life then this can be a really good option for you.


11.Tree Tattoo

If you love wildlife and greens then you can get inked with a tree tattoo. Go for palm trees or conifers based on what you like more, beaches or mountains.


12.Autumn Trees

Is autumn your favorite season and bare trees catch you then go for this. You can get bare autumn trees on your upper arm.


13.Lioness Always

You are a strong and independent woman and wanna show it to the world then get yourself a lion tattoo. This is not only edgy but also reflects who you are as a person.


14.Wheels on the Hands

If you live on an island and love seas then you can think of getting this. Though not many of you out there will like this design some can still try it.


15.Scary Nights

If Ouija board and paranormal things excite you then you can get this one. This is especially for females who are horror freaks.


16.Forest Tattoos

 This is again for women who love wildlife and woods. Get yourself inked with this tattoo having woods as the main theme.


17.Cactus Road

If you love hitting the roads and long drives by the countryside then you can get this done. A combination of cactus and birds will look badass.



Is your guiding element water? The power of gushing water excites you? Then a waterfall will be a great idea for you. Get a waterfall on your upper arm and rock it.


19.Water Body

This is again for the women whose guiding element is water. Get yourself inked with a water element with birds and flowers.


20.Wings of Eve

We know that humans are unable to fly but we also know how much it intimidates you. If you are a girl with the aim of flying high then why not get inked with wings.


21.Your Doggo Here

Show it with this tattoo to the world that how much you love your dog. Even if you don’t own one but are truly a dog person then get inked with a dog face.


22.Evil Artwork

This tattoo design idea is again for the females who are deeply interested in paranormal things. If you are a horror freak this tattoo is for you. 


23.Kitten Love

If you are a cat person and want a cute tattoo then this idea is for you. Get yourself inked with a cute kitten on your upper or lower sleeve.


24.Eyes on Eyes

Eyes are a representative of inner beauty. If you value inner beauty and want the people around you to know this fact then getting a tattoo with eyes as a central element will be a great idea.


25.Tornado Tattoo

If you are open to experiments then this tattoo design will work for you. Get a tattoo with clouds and add lighting. This will give a vibe of power you carry within.


26.Cloudy Eyes

Even after seeing so many ideas you are still confused then go for clouds. Get yourself inked with clouds as a central element with eyes to enhance its edge.


27.Geometric Angles

You can never go wrong with geometric figures. Choose any one or a combination of some geometric figures and get them inked.


28. Black and grey rose tattoo

We can’t get over the flower designs so here is another one in the list. Get a rose in black or grey and rock it.


29.Peacock Sleeve Tattoo

Although a male member from the animal kingdom peacock is loved by females. So why not get a peacock done as your tattoo. Try peacock’s feather as your next tattoo.


30.Star Tattoo

We always loved stargazing as a kid and dreamt of long walks under a starry sky as an adult. Try this star tattoo and wear stars on your sleeves as you wear your heart.


31.Marilyn Monroe

The epitome of beauty and grace, a Marilyn Monroe tattoo or one of her quotes is a great idea. So if you love her this will be a great idea for a tattoo design.

Let us wrap up

Getting a tattoo isn’t easy. You need to be very careful before and after getting it. It demands maintenance and great care. We have helped you with the designs for the half sleeve tattoo but if you are getting inked for the first time then keep few things in mind.

  • Cover it up with a thin layer of petroleum jelly immediately after getting it
  • Add a bandage with the jelly. Remove it after 24 hours
  • Apply Antibacterial Ointment every day over the area
  • Use Antimicrobial soap only
  • Pat dry the tattoo after bathing and if it anyway gets wet
  • Avoid swimming for 2 weeks
  • Avoid exposure to UV rays till 2 weeks
  • Moisturize the area and do not forget to use sunscreen

So ladies don’t think much about it. Pick up a great design and flaunt it. Wear your tattoo on your sleeve like you wear your heart and show it to the world.

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