Outfit ideas for plus size women

Choosing outfits and styling them can be a daunting task when you are not a professional. It becomes much more difficult when you are plus size.

This is because of the lack of designs and options for plus size women. You need to be very careful when choosing the outfit. One wrong choice can make you look awful.

Keeping all the limitations in mind we have curated a list of outfit ideas for plus-size women. The list is curated with the help of stylists and professionals and it’ll surely help you through.

Before we move on to the outfit ideas let us look at the things that you should avoid if you are a plus-size woman.

  • Do not go for full white dresses 
  • When you wear a neutral outfit, try to settle for some colors in some other ways (colorful shoes, belts, bags, etc.)
  • Try to hide the waistline of your pants if you are wearing an elastic waistband
  • Don’t wear outfits that show excessive part of your cleavage
  • Don’t wear too baggy or oversized outfits
  • Tight pants are NO-NO for women
  • You must avoid crop tops and off-shoulder outfits
  • Try to avoid excessively high heels and wear flats


Dress up perfectly!

The outfit ideas for plus size women are provided in this section.

1.Casual Wear

Casual wears are the easiest to style but for plus size women, even this can be tough. But do not worry, black colour to the rescue.

You can pair up black pants with a black solid too. You can layer this monotonous dress with an overcoat. And Woah! You are ready to go out.


2.Hourglass Body

Hourglass bodies have to suffer a lot when it comes to choosing outfits. This is why we have included it in our list on top.

For an hourglass body, you can go for a regular black t-shirt with a velvet skirt. Add a belt and you are party-ready.


3.Date Ready

Your man asked you out for a date? You are excited enough but confused about what to wear. This outfit idea will help you.

Grab a nice slip dress. Slip dresses work well for oversized people because of their flare. Add a chic metal belt to complete the look. Do not forget to wear nice footwear.


4.Formal Wear

Formal events are all about dressing elegantly. Although formal wear can be a little confusing for plus size women we’ll help you out.

For plus-size women, the best idea is to go with dresses. You can go for a red, blue or purple dress. Remember to avoid too many colours but white is a no-no. Add a bag to accessorize it.


  1. Prepare for Formal Party

An office party to attend tonight? And confused around what to wear. This outfit idea will work best for you.

Pair up a matte black midi skirt with ruffle sleeved top and you are good to go. Avoid colours when out for an official party.


6.Semi-Formal Days

Not in the mood to go all formal, try this semi-formal outfit idea. This outfit idea is ideal for a semi-formal workday or an office party.

Grab a sheath cut skin and team it up with a white top. If you want to go for colours then coloured tops are a good option. To accessorize this look add a watch and bag. This will make the look sleek and elegant.


7.Gray and Black

Mixing colours and patterns correctly can make you look slim or tall as per your needs. This outfit idea is for the same.

Grab a nice dress that has a grey and black combination. It will make you look younger and thinner. You can wear this outfit for semi-formal or formal occasions.


8.Neutral Colors

Neutral colours may make you look old but if you style them properly they are no less than a saviour.

Team up a light pink or any light-coloured shirt with white jeans. You can also go for black pants. Wear this look with pale coloured shoes.


9.Basic Forever

We have a lot of outfit ideas for plus size women. If you are someone who loves basic and evergreen fashion this one’s for you.

Don’t be confused and simply go for a simple top with neutral coloured pants. Choose colours like white, off-white, shades of nude, light orange. Add a side bag to complete the look.


10.Ready, Steady, and Office!

Are you a passionate working woman but fail at dressing? Don’t worry we got you covered with this outfit idea for plus size women.

Sheath skirts are nothing but a blessing for office going women. Pair it up with a neutral top. Do not leave your hair untied and keep the look minimal with just a handbag.


11.Everyday Wear

Friends coming over for lunch and confused about what to wear. This is the outfit idea you need. 

Grab a patterned dress. It is not only trendy but will make you look younger and slimmer. Wear black tights underneath the dress and add a shrug to complete the look.


12.Teenage Vibe

You want to look like a young teenage girl but don’t know how to do that. This outfit idea for plus size women will make you look so.

Shop for a greenish-grey dress and don it. Add a slim belt to look thinner. For winters you can layer it with a denim jacket.


13.Party Wear for Nights

Are you a party animal? But you are always in the dilemma of what to wear and what not to wear. Do not worry! This outfit idea will save you.

Team up a black velvet skirt with an off-shoulder white top and viola! You are ready to be the centre of attraction.


  1. Flower’ it up!

If fall is your favourite season and you love floral prints, you’ll probably love this outfit idea as well. Florals will definitely make you look thinner. 

You can go for a floral dress or a floral top with denim skirts. Add a black bag to complete the whole look and you are up for a walk to the park.


15.Basic Winter Style

Winter styling is really tough. It becomes tougher if you are a plus-size woman but takes a chill pill. We are here to guide you.

Jeans are a blessing if we talk about winter fashion. Grab a pair of ripped high-waist jeans. Pair them up with a neutral coloured top with some hint of colour. Layer it with a warm jacket and you are ready to rock winters.


16.Clubs and Shows

Women are a sucker for clubs and shows. After all, it is their chance to style themselves away and treat themselves well.

If you are going out for a concert you can go for denim with neutral tops. Add to this look funky and chic earring. If you are a club person then a matte black revealing dress should be your go-to outfit.


17.Patterns for Life

We have already mentioned that patterns are a good choice for plus size women. Checks and stripes can instantly enhance your look.

If it is a casual summer day then go for a striped jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are the best outfit idea for plus size women. Remember that always go for vertical stripes, horizontal can make you look fat.


18.Fall Vibe

Fall, fall all around but you are here crying about what to wear. Hold on! This outfit idea will help you through.

You can wear a mustard coloured dress for fall. If you wanna try other colours you can also go for yellow, orange, maroon, or red. Wear these colours with some hint of neutral colours.


  1. Summer is here

Summer is knocking at the door. Welcome it with these outfit ideas for plus size women. These ideas will surely help you beat the heat in style.

You can go for shorts suitable for thick thighs. Wear it with vibrant coloured tops. Yes! Summers are for bright colours and they will make you look slimmer and younger.


20.Beach Babe

Love hitting the beach in summers? Try these outfit ideas next time you go and play with the waves.

If you love experimenting then you can try kimono-style dresses. Tie your hair in a messy bun and hey! You are ready to get tanned.


21.Work in spring

It’s spring and you have an important meeting to attend? Try this super chic outfit idea and ace the meeting like a boss lady.

Suits are the ultimate answer in terms of office outfits. You can go for a dark coloured suit with a light coloured shirt or vice versa.



We know the struggles of plus size women. They have to suffer a lot when it comes to fashion. But now the struggle is over.

With this super extensive list of outfit ideas for plus size women, we have covered it all. These styling tips will solve almost all problems of chubby women.



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