Guide to Short hair highlights

Guide to Short hair highlights

Guide to Short hair highlights: We all know how much hair adds to your personality. If you want to change your personality then just go for changing your hairstyle and boom! One of the most popular styles changers is highlights. We have therefore curated a guide to short hair highlights.

This guide to short hair highlights will help you choose the highlights suitable for your hair. We have included the highlight ideas for almost hair type. Just match your highlight with a short haircut and become the diva amongst your peers.

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Short hair highlight ideas

The list of short hair highlights goes here:

Brown hair Highlights


When talking about highlighting short hair the brown tones come to our mind instantly. Believe it or not, you cannot go wrong with the brown highlights. Whether you are extremely fair or possess a dark-toned skin, you can think about having this.

What should be kept in mind before you go for this is that go for fewer sticks and on the warmer side of the tone. The warm tones won’t look too pompous and will make you look elegant.

Brown hair Highlights  Brown hair Highlights



Rose Gold Pixie hair Highlights

When we talk about short hair highlights a good haircut is the most important. Team up a good pixie haircut with rose gold highlights and you are ready to rock. A pixie haircut is too much in vogue and goes with almost every face shape.

Get the highlights are done on this haircut on the upper part and some of the front hair. Restrain yourself from highlighting the sides because that will look odd. Rose gold will go great if you have brown hair.

Rose Gold Pixie hair Rose Gold Pixie hair



Choppy Bob Blonde Hair Highlights

As we all know Blonde hair is in trend. Be it short hair or long hair it looks great on both. If you are a quirky female and love experimenting then go for blonde hair without giving a second thought.

Moreover, blonde hair goes with every outfit and for almost every occasion. To rock this highlight go for a choppy bob haircut. Although you can choose other highlights on this haircut blonde will look the best.

Choppy Bob Blonde Hair Highlights Choppy Bob Blonde Hair Highlights



Balayage Ombre Highlights

Balayage Ombre highlight goes for both long and short hair. Although this one will look much better if you have short hair. Trending and glamorous balayage ombre is one hell of a highlight idea.

Highlight your hair and get soft curls and you are ready to become the center of attraction. These highlights will add shine and visibility to your hair as well.


Brown Hair Flamboyage Highlight

Are you someone who always struggles because you have thick hair? Flamboyage highlight is the answer. If you have natural waves and your hair is in brown undertone then flamboyance will make you look flamboyant.

For making your look a bit dramatic and dimensional then go for highlighting the lower ends. This highlight is although very specific, not everyone can go for this. Do not do this if you have straight or fine hair. 


Somber Highlights

If you have naturally brown hair and have always loved people with blonde hair then go for this sombre highlight. Short brown hair with blonde highlights is very striking. It will make you look amazing instantly.

Before getting this one bear in mind that sombre and ombre are different things. For the sombre highlight, we start highlighting from the middle part and highlight the side, upper and back portions. Avoid highlighting the front part.


Frosted Blonde Highlights

If you have very short hair and are bored with them because you cannot style them much then frosted blonde is for you. The frosted blonde will look great on you if you have brown hair. Frosted blonde is preferred over other highlights by many women.

Go for this highlight all over your hair and become the trendiest girl in the crowd. The frosted blonde will go in all outfits be it formal or informal. 


A-Line Bob Ribbon Highlights

As we have already seen people around the world going for A-Line Bob haircuts. This haircut is very quirky and trendy and people wanting short hair are going for this. Ribbon highlight on this haircut looks amazing.

If you have fine or straight hair then go for ribbon highlights. It can also go with loose curls but isn’t recommended for curly hair. Dark hair with this highlight looks better than light coloured hair.


Foiled Highlights for Brunettes

You cannot go without including foiled highlights when talking about highlights for short hair. Easy to carry, the foiled highlight is for women who possess short and dark hair.

Foiled highlights are the same as regular highlights but they are more vibrant and fresh. If you want a little glaze in your hair then go for foiled highlights. This blonde highlight will let all them brunettes look stunning.


Ash Blonde Highlights

If you are open to experimentation then go for ash-blonde highlights. They are the most unconventional highlight colour but oomph up your look instantly. 

The most trendy and a bit flirty, ash-blonde highlights are a new choice. It will go with almost all skin tones as well. Go for this highlight and show off the diva in you.


Caramel Auburn

If you fear to experiment but cannot live anymore with them boring and dull hair then go for caramel Auburn highlights. These highlights are subtle so you can wear them from office to parties.

While Auburn is a cool-toned colour, caramel is completely different. Caramel is a light brown colour. The Auburn caramel combination is a hit in the highlight world. What makes it extremely stunning is the blue undertone that Auburn has.


Auburn Ombre

Auburn ombre is the most standard and classic highlight. If you don’t want to overdo the highlights then go for this option. This subtle option will give your hair a beautiful sheen.

Go for soft curls on the lower ends and straighten up the upper part of your hair. Get these lower ends highlighted and you are all set to flaunt. Since these highlights are not pompous you can wear them to your office as well.


Blonde on Red Hair

Redheads do have to struggle a lot when it comes to experimenting with hair. There are not many options for them. But we have something for the redheads too in the list.

Go for highlighting your hair blonde by keeping sufficient gaps. Blonde works best for red hair. If you don’t have natural red hair then you can go for coloring them first and then getting them highlighted. You can choose between maroon red, wine red, or any other tone of red.


Copper Red Look

If you wanna revamp your personality then you should go for copper highlights over red hair or red highlights over copper hair. If you naturally have copper hair then go for it and you’ll rock this look. 

Copper highlights are very unique as for short hair people always recommend blonde or brown highlights. Although carrying this look will take a bit of courage but you won’t regret it.


Grey Blending with Full Highlights

Believe us when we say this the youngsters these days want grey hairs because it’s just so cool and trendy. Grey blending became a trend as soon as it came in fashion.

For this look you can go for a short haircut and get them highlighted. If professionalism is in your blood and your office is where your heart is then go for this look. This will go with black fine hair as well as wavy hair.


Blue Hints

Are you a hippie soul with unmanageable hair? or are you tired of your (un)cool curls? Then this section is just for you. We have covered highlight ideas for girls with short curly hairs as well.

You can go for highlighting your hair with different tints of blue from blue to greenish-blue, electric blue, and other vibrant shades of blue. This highlight will burn the eyes of all your haters. For this look keep the middle to front part black and highlight the rest.


Blonde and Orange

This combination is the most dramatic combo on the list. Where blonde is the most neutral and calm, orange is the most vibrant and warm color. This combination will instantly pump up your personality. Try this look in springs and bloom like one of those flowers.

For this look keep your hair blonde and highlight the lower part with orange. You can either go for unequal highlights or highlighting in equal line.


Platinum Blonde

You cannot go without including blondes when talking about highlight ideas. This is another blonde on the list. Opted by Kristen Stewart herself, platinum blonde may not sound like a good option but once you try it you’ll love it. 

This look is edgy and will you look younger instantly. Get some tomboy haircut and get platinum blondes and rock it as Kristen Stewart did.


Halle Berry Hairstyle

Flaunted by Halle Berry this hairstyle is the most different one in the list. If you love super short hair but don’t really know how to style them then you can check out this look.

For sporting, this look goes for brown hair with blonde highlights. Add some spikes and boom! You are the trendiest girl in the crowd. This look will also look stunning on blonde short hair.


Scarlett Johansson Highlights

We all know how much Scarlett Johansson loves experimenting with hair. You can look up to her if you want to change your hairstyle. This look will look good on women with short brown hair.

For this look get your hair colored in rich brown and highlight them with a copper blonde. This look will make you look like a goddess. If you think short hair can’t be styled try this.


Emma Watson Hair Highlight

When talking about short hair highlights we cannot go away without the Emma Watson look. This look by Emma Watson startled everyone when she first came out with this.

To get this look you need to get a pixie haircut first. Get your hair colored in brown and add some streaks of chestnut highlights. If you know how to rock a pixie haircut then you’ll be surely rocking in this one too.


Wrap up 

As much as they look good, highlights do need a lot of care. If you are ready to maintain them then highlights can be a boon to your personality. We hope that this guide to short hair highlights will help you get the style you’ve always wanted. Choose wisely, get done, flaunt.

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