10 Best Radio-Frequency Skin Tightening Machines For Home Use In 2020

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Machines: Mostly changes come with the growing age and can reflect on the skin – wrinkles and fine lines begin to appear, and the skin loses its elasticity and firmness.

But can we fight it back, if Yes then how?

We know things get a bit more complicated to handle when the skin is aged, we have some amazing ways to reverse your age and again get a youthful-looking complexion.

In all the existing procedures Radiofrequency therapy is most popular for combating aging. Being one of the most widely used methods to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

The demand is constantly growing for non-invasive methods for wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, body contouring, and cellulite reduction.

So, the industry proposed a wide range of alternatives to reverse skin aging -radio- frequency machines being the most reliable for home use.

Radio-Frequency Skin Tightening Machines

In this generation, everyone can follow RF therapy at home because it does not require medical attention. It can be executed by using any of the radio-frequency skin tightening machines for home use in this article.

Radiofrequency energy is used by these devices to tighten and rejuvenate the skin in the long run use.

Although, many of them use a mixture of heating and cooling to deliver RF energy to specific depths in the skin’s tissue. For achieving the desired results this will help you with wrinkle reduction, tissue tightening, and body contouring.

This device is so quick, comfortable easy to use, and safe, these skin tightening machines became the best solution to fight aging that can be used in the comfort of your home.

According to experts, RF machines remain the best choice that can stimulate collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid natural production if used regularly.

However, there are many fake products in the market.

Therefore, we picked the most popular and useful ones that also hold approvals and clearance issued by the FDA for home use.



MLAY-RF01 – Radio Frequency Facial And Body Skin Tightening Machine

The first one into the list, MLAY RF Facial, and Body Skin Tightening Machine.

This is a portable, handy, easy to use, and power-efficient tool for your gorgeous skin.

One of the most popular RF machines for your elegant skin.

Used for: –

  • Facial Contour improvement.
  • Wrinkle Reduction.
  • Skin tone brightening.
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Reducing fine lines.
  • It helps in increased blood flow hence glowing skin.
  • And tightens the skin.

Average women after 30 starts to loosen their skin glow and have various problems so this device is for all such gorgeous women out there.

One needs to apply a skin care product or facial mask or serums or cooling gel or skincare cream on cleansed skin before using the High-Frequency Machine for optimal results.

It comes with two probes one for face and another for body and it works on three different energy levels and with different timing for each level.

This is FDA approved device and therefore comes with a quality tag on it, also it guarantees a much tighter skin in less than four weeks.

The manufacturer also says that it improves collagen production in the inner layers of the skin without harming the upper layer.

One should consult a dermatologist for the proper duration of its uses but generally for normal skin it is recommended to use the device once in 4 days and for dry skin on a gap of two days.

And proper moisturizing is a must.

How to Use – Parameters

  • Current output frequency 1MHz.
  • Rated Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Rated Voltage: 110-220V.
  • Output Power: 50W.

Sensilift RF Skin Tightening Device

Introducing the perfect Anti-Aging kit, Sensilift RF skin tightening device, and Sensilift base gel, designed to ensure the proper delivery of Dynamic RF energy.

It is easy to use, a handy skin tightening device made to improve skin’s elasticity and overall skin collagen production.

It is based on DRF technology which allows radio waves to penetrate the different layers of the skin and also providing a pleasant massage to the applied region helping you release your stress while the skin therapy.

This device is strictly used for facial skin but one can use it on other sensitive regions of the skin only per the doctor’s permission.

It has a thermal sensor in it and hence it adjusts the device to work on secure optimal temperature and for higher temperatures it has an auto cut inside it to decrease the temperature.


As per the manufacturer the optimal period of using it is 3 months of therapy sessions, with once per week for seeing the best results.



The RF waves first penetrate the skin tissues and heat the fiber to stimulate new collagen production.

As the collagen production increases, it, therefore, decreases the number of wrinkles and fine lines present in the region and hence results in glowing and tight skin.

Sensilift is clinically proven, FDA cleared device that is easy to use. Just apply a thin layer of Base Gel, select the energy and massage levels, and begin. Sensilift has a unique double-safety mechanism to always ensure a safe and effective result.

For a better experience is recommended to use their Sensilift gel before you start the RF therapy and make sure your skin is clean, dry enough, and also free of makeup.

Buy it one time and use it for a longer period.


NEWA Anti-Aging Skin Tightening Technology

NEWA is a clinically proven skincare Anti-Aging system that lifts and tightens the skin, powered by the same professional medical technology used by dermatologists worldwide.

It is based on a 3 deep technology which helps in transferring the optimal energy level three layers deep into the skin, without any pain or risk, reactivating your natural collagen production and restoring the skin’s natural support. This results in a clinically proven increase in skin collagen content and proven wrinkle reduction, skin tightening

The 3DEEP is an energy-based skin treatment technology that uses radiofrequency by causing heating into the skin layers.


After each treatment you’ll see an instant lift, skin looks and feels tighter, plumper, and has a noticeable glow. After 1 month of treatments these results are magnified up to a one-third reduction in wrinkles and skin feels tighter with continued improvements.

The overall increase in collagen in the skin thus provides a tighter, farther, radiant and younger-looking skin.

Being one of the most popular anti-aging devices this indeed is a great choice of the customers and hence it is one of the most selling skin tightening devices.

Día Panda Box Portable Radio-Frequency Machine

The Panda name itself suggests that this device is so friendly and easy to use at home but also preferred by many dermatologists.

The Portable Panda Box is a lot more powerful than the Tripolar Stop. There are multiple (generally six) levels of intensity and a timer for treatments.

This device is found to be useful for all skin types and has done its job of removing wrinkles and increasing the amount of collagen in the different layers of the skin and also it improves the broken elastin if any.

The Portable Panda Box works on both face and body skin. The manufacturer recommends applying gel on your skin before using the probe and using more if it dries out during your treatment. They say to move the probe around in slow, circular motion on your whole face for 30 minutes, or 15 minutes for your waist. The treatment should be repeated every 10 to 15 days for a series of 5 sessions in total.

It is clinically proven and with no side effects, the treatment is pain-free and using it comfortably, very easy and handy.

This device can be used by the complete body with the help of two attachments involved –

  • An arrow-shaped head perfects to cover the face & neck area.
  • The bigger one covers the rest of the body.


Parameters: –

  • Current output frequency 5.0MHz.
  • Rated Frequency: 1-6 Levels
  • Rated Voltage: 110V
  • Output Power: 65W.

Silk’n Titan Anti-Aging Skin Tightening Device

The Silk’n Titan is an anti-aging device that works with harmonized energy technology to reduce wrinkles and lift facial contours. Designed to be used in all areas of the face and neck, this revolutionary technology repairs collagen and elastin fibers from the inside out.

Titan technology delivers energy to precise areas beneath the skin to activate your body’s natural restoration process.

Titan anti-aging skin technology stimulates cell renewal, making slack skin tight and supple again. Titan harmonizes the benefits of three sources of energy: Bi-Polar RF energy, LED light energy, and IR heat energy. The powerful combination of these three energy sources creates a safe and painless result.

This device is good at the combined use of the above-mentioned types of energy and hence combats aging signs and wrinkles of the skin.

Designed for all areas of the face and neck, Silk’n provides one of the best results.

The opted period of the session is 10 weeks and the device should be used two times per week about 10-15 minutes peruse.

Numa Professional Skin Therapy Radio-Frequency Device

This device is a little different from the above-mentioned devices, it consists of 6 wands and uses Neon and Argon high-frequency treatment.

The NuDerma Professional skin therapy wand includes a total of 6 beauty wands including 3 all-new Argon powered applicators and applicators supercharged with Tungsten for improved effectiveness. Use the natural healing power of Argon and Neon high-frequency treatment to improve your overall skin profile including fighting acne, reducing fine lines and softening wrinkles while boosting collagen production for a more overall youthful complexion.

These beauty wands provide a large number of claims the device includes and which can treat various skin conditions.

The Manufacturer says “It’s an all-in-one device with each wing having a different shape and application. That way, depending on your needs, you have to use only one wing at the time and not all six simultaneously to secure a comfortable and optimal treatment.”

Sequence the use of Neon and Argon applicators to reduce acne healing time by up to 90%. High-Frequency treatment kills the bacteria directly beneath while simultaneously providing a natural boost of cellular energy to both kill acne-causing bacteria and reduce inflammation at the same time without the use of chemicals or drugs.

MUSHROOM Wand – Treats cheeks, forehead, and jawline.

Y shape Wand – Treats neck, arms, and legs and in-between areas.

Comb Wand – Energizes hair follicles and promote blood circulation, dismantling hair loss while reducing dandruff.

Tongue Wand – Spot treat acne and pimples and reduces their appearance and severity quickly and naturally.

Rod Wand – Ideally used on the body, forehead, and other broader areas. Supercharged with Tungsten.

Bent Wand – Used in the smaller areas like crevices around the nose, lips, etc.

Conclusion on Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Machines


100% positive skin rejuvenation improvement

Mostly the studies provided positive results in treating skin laxity using RF, 44% showed significant improvements. Although, in 100% of these studies, the results had positive effects due to RF therapy explained by the authors.

Cliniques, customers, and doctors have given huge credits to radiofrequency therapy which are globally used. They proved to have the best performances in anti-aging treatment.

Significant changes after one session

The efficacity of RF therapy for skin rejuvenation proved by a high number of studies, right now.

Although, most studies are not clinical trials, which interrupt decision making about the effectiveness and the actual role of RF in the treatment of skin laxity and wrinkles.

However, in a few studies, many users noticed visible changes after the first sessions at the same time others did not notice any changes in 6 months of initial treatments.

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