Best Baby Crib Accessories: A Guide

Best Baby Crib Accessories: The news of the arrival of a newborn is the most exciting one. The parents start planning everything since the day they get to know about it. 

From cribs to accessories to dresses there’s a lot that needs to be planned. In the hustle-bustle and excitement sometimes the parents go overboard.

Too many accessories around babies can make them uncomfortable. Too little will make it boring. So how to choose what is best for babies?

Do not worry! We have made this guide to the best baby crib accessories. It will help you in choosing what’s fit for the nursery. By the end of the article you will have a great nursery design in mind.


Finding the Perfect Crib!

Before thinking about the best baby crib accessories, you need to first get a crib. A good crib is vital for the baby. You will have a lot of opinions around baby cribs but you have to choose what’s best for your baby.

The most important thing before buying a crib is safety. Bear in mind, to ensure complete safety of your little one go for cribs manufactured after 2011.  This is because cribs manufactured after 2011 are build to meet the standards of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. These standards stand for safety.

Considering the space, budget and your existing interiors should be your next priority. If the crib comes with in-built wheels make sure they have a locking mechanism. Check for the sharp edges before you buy the crib. The mattress should be firm and fit in place with no space.

Buying cribs can be a challenging task. It is advisable to check the customer reviews of the products you like. The best amongst many is the Davinci Jenny Lind crib. It can be converted into a day bed and us extremely durable.


Crib Accessories: Be Minimal

We know the urge to buy everything for your baby. There are so many cute stuff around the market that we want to buy everything. But, but for your delicate little one “less is more”. You can add other accessories in your room.

After getting the perfect baby crib for your baby, you need to now select a good bedding.The main bed should be simply dressed with a fitted sheet.

A crib bed skirt is also a really good add on. It will not only make the crib presentable but is extremely safe as well. 

Talking about bed bumpers, traditional padded crib bumpers may cause suffocation. But wait! Mesh crib liners are a great alternative and is making a lot if buzz among new parents. It is extremely breathable and allows proper ventilation.

The most important think that you should note is to not add anything on the crib mattress. Be it blankets or pillows or the softest toys that you bought because they were cute. It can lead to suffocation and choking.

If you still want to accessorize your nursery a bit you can go for the mobile. These are becoming very popular in the market and among young parents. These mobiles not only look good but will also help in  soothing your baby.

We have a few recommendations for the same. They are sure gonna make your child calm. So head on:

List Of 10 Best Baby Crib Accessories:

1-Fisher Price Precious Planet 2-in-1

Fisher Price Precious Planet 2-in-1/Best Baby Crib Accessories: A Guide

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This mobile from fisher price comes with classic lullabies. It also features heartbeat and womb sounds to make your child at peace.

The best part about this one is that it can be converted into a crib side music box with ceiling projection. This feature will be helpful in later years once your baby starts reaching for it.

Fisher-Price Little People Collector Elvis Presley, Gift Set of 3 Character Figures Styled Like The Iconic Singer
  • Special edition Little People Collector figure set featuring 3 Elvis Presley figures
  • Each figure styled in a different iconic look from the singer’s decades-long career
  • Each figure measures 2.8 inches tall (7 cm)
  • Figure set comes in styled, gift-ready package
  • For music fans ages 1-101 years

2-Shiloh mobile

Shiloh mobile

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This mobile from Shiloh comes with a whopping 60 songs. The variety will be loved by your baby very much.

The distinct designs will definitely enhance your nursery decor. You will surely love this one.

iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus Shiloh retro vintage personalized name custom stack text Case
  • Custom 80s 90s style personalized custom name for Shiloh in retro vintage stack text fonts
  • Vintage 70s style look for people name Shiloh
  • Two-part protective case made from a premium scratch-resistant polycarbonate shell and shock absorbent TPU liner protects against drops
  • Printed in the USA
  • Easy installation

3-Tiny Love Classic Mobile

This tiny mobile is not tiny when it comes to its purpose. Tiny Love Classic mobile plays 20 minutes of continuous music.

Moreover the music box can be detached once your baby outgrows the mobile stage. It can be used later without it making this one worth the bucks.

Wind up

We hope that we have helped you create the nursery you want. This extensive guide to best baby crib accessories is curated using expert opinions to ensure your child’s safety.


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