Best Anti Static Hair Brushes – Review

Getting rid of static hair is nothing less than a herculean task. Styling static and frizzy hair is not only time taking but also very painstaking. Although there are many ways to get rid of them the easiest is an anti-static hairbrush. We have reviewed some of the best anti-static hair brushes for you.

This list will help you get the perfect anti-static hairbrush. With one of these hairbrushes, you’ll get rid of your frizzy hair in no time. You will be able to get smooth and shiny hair as you’ve always wanted.

Before styling your hair with an anti-static hairbrush, you will need a blow-dryer. It is a must


Best anti-static hair brushes reviewed

Our list of best anti-static hair brushes is given below:

1) Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Speed XL Extra Long Barrel Hair Brush

The first in the list is this anti-static hairbrush from Olivia. We chose this as the first because of its great effectiveness. It will quickly give you frizz-free hair without any hassles.

Olivia is made up of high-quality material. It does not feel heavy on your head and hand. The hard bristles will glide smoothly through your static hair. You will be free from frizz within seconds.

What makes Olivia really unique is that it doesn’t make your hair flat. After you are done with removing static your hair will look voluminous.

You don’t have to work with a blow dryer for a long time. Olivia reduces blowout time by nearly 15 to 20 minutes. Now, isn’t that efficient and extremely effective?

This is one perfect anti-static hairbrush that will give you shiny and voluminous hair. Although it is a bit expensive, the price shouldn’t stop you from buying this efficient product.


2) Anti-static Bristle Hair Brush by Osensia

Next up is this anti-static hairbrush from Osensia. You’ll love this hairbrush for its convenient and effective design. It will glide through frizzy hair and you smooth and shiny hair.

This uniquely designed hairbrush is made up of ceramic and ion. It is really easy to get rid of frizz and static hair with this brush. This is because of the holes present in the hairbrush. The holes allow air to reach your hair while blow-drying.

The bristles can get heated up to 220 degrees without degrading. The wavy and polished bristles come with a large surface area. This makes styling really easy.

Additionally, it won’t flatten your hair. Osensia has a long life because of its design and material. Although it uses ceramic, you won’t feel the weight of it.


3) Fixbody Boar Bristles Anti-Static Round Hair Brush

Another in the list is this anti-static hairbrush from Fixbody. This is one perfect hairbrush. It will easily remove the frizz and static from your hair. You will really love this one like the rest of its users.

The convenient and effective design makes this one our favorite. It is light in weight. The rubber handle makes it convenient to use.

What is unique is its boar bristles. They help in spreading the sebum( natural oil) throughout the hair. This lets you get rid of tangled and frizzy hair easily.

Additionally, you will not need a flat iron after this. This hairbrush works perfectly with a blow dryer. Use this and get your hair on fleek.


4) SUPRENT Round Brush, Boar Bristles Round Brush

Believe us or not but you will love this hairbrush from Serpent as soon as you get your hands on it. Unlike others in the list, it comes in different sizes as per different hair lengths.

It is very uniquely designed to make the whole process easy. It will help in getting rid of frizz and static very easily.

Another feature that makes it worthy is that it is coated with ceramic. This evenly distributes heat while blow-drying. The nano ionic technology bristles give you shiny smooth hair by removing all the frizz.

This lightweight, easy-to-use hair brush is really good at serving its purpose. Moreover, it comes with a warranty of 12 months. You will love this like many of its users.


5)Cricket Technique Thermal 1″ Brush

The last in the list is this hairbrush from Cricket. Packed with features, Technique Thermal will detangle your hair with ease and give you smooth hair.

The most unique part of this hairbrush is its bristles. They are heat resistant and anti-static. The technique will easily remove all the static and frizzy hair.

Moreover, the bristles also come with tourmaline ionic properties. The bristles help in closing the hair cuticles. This, in turn, leaves your hair with a smooth and shiny finish.

This moderately priced anti-static hairbrush will make your hair smooth and shiny. It is recommended to properly section your hair while styling with a blow dryer.

6)Denman Heavyweight 9 Row Styling Brush D5

On trying this multi-purpose hairbrush you won’t be able to stop yourself from praising it. It is conveniently designed to Blow-dry, Style & Detangle your hair.

This flexible nylon brush comes with a large round pin. This makes hair styling very easy. It will glide through your hair. You will get smooth and shine you asked for after using it.

The heat and chemical resistance of Denman is worth mentioning. This gives you a heavyweight and hygienic brushing experience.

Additionally, the grip is made up of anti-static rubber to give a firm grip. Denman is extremely durable and its design makes it easy to handle as well. You will be amazed by its design and usability.



We know the daily struggles of people who have frizzy hair. Their hair takes more time than their dressing and makeup. Styling frizzy hair is but a herculean task. It not only takes time but sometimes is painstaking as well.

Keeping in mind all these struggles, we have made this list of some of the best anti-static hair brushes. We hope that review will help you in getting an anti-static hairbrush to make your life easier.

So get one and mark yourself safe from the daily hassles.

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